Creating a nourishing haven at home

Creating a nourishing haven at home

What do we mean by, creating a nourishing haven at home? With the seasons changing we feel it’s time to review our habits, rituals, and overall lifestyles to be more Autumn friendly. We’re trying not to mourn the summer too much by surrounding ourselves with warmth and light. As the seasons change so does our circadian rhythm. Find out more here, so you may need a little more zzzz time to function efficiently too. Kate D from the team loves the Lumie Lights for helping to drift off and wake up naturally too and keep her in a good sleep rythym.

Creating a nourishing haven at home means making your home somewhere you feel you can slow down, calm down and wind down.

Slow down

We all have different ways of slowing down and the idea of a slower lifestyle is one that’s become more popular. Especially in the world we currently live in. Taking time to nurture yourself and to do things that actively make you slow down is a great way of nourishing yourself. Hobbies, crafts, reading, or sometimes simply just being in your space. 

We also love to embrace the concept of slow cooking as we slide into Autumn and Winter. Cooking ingredients slowly at a lower temperature helps to preserve the nutrients that are often lost when food is cooked at high temperatures. A winner while we’re all trying to up our nutrition game! Try making our colourful antioxidant packed rainbow roasted carrot salad. Or follow Ellerie from the team and get on board with vitamin packed soups like our creamy brassica soup.

Calm down

Everyone calms in different ways, for some it’s a cuppa and a macaroon or two. For others it’s a walk in a rain with the promise of a warm bath when you get home. We all agree at Nourish that scents can make all the difference and we love a candle on our desks, somehow it just all makes it seem a bit calmer! Try Parkminster for beautifully scented candles, made by hand, just down the road from us. We love Bonfire and Mandarin Spice for Autumn.

Creating a nourishing haven at home while mid building work hasn’t been easy for Kate S from the team. Making just one small space truly calm has been a lifesaver. With a rug for cosy toes, candles for soft light and a blanket or two to keep the chill off, she’s found a way of creating calm in all the havoc.

Kate D from the team brings the inside in to help her be calm and centred. While outside starts to lose its greenery she greens up the inside with houseplants. Houseplants have some pretty stellar abilities when it comes to oxygenating your space and creating a sense of calm, or indeed one of energy! Check out more on what houseplants would suit you at BloomBox

Creating a nourishing haven at home

Wind down

When you’ve had a busy day and wow, Ineke has had some busy days while we’ve been fundraising, winding down is an essential part of the day. Ineke loves to surround herself and her family with soft lighting, fairy lights to warm up dark corners and cushions to snuggle into on the sofa. Don’t want to hang fairy lights just yet, why not pop a string or two of battery ones into a big vase for an instant pretty corner? These mini star ones from The White Company are gorgeous in a vase or twisted around some willow for a gorgeously simple decoration. 

Trying a new wind down technique is sometimes a great way to start a new habit, bored of yoga? Maybe try something new like Qi Gong? Qi Gong is a lovely way to move, breathe better and to centre yourself. Take a look at this beginners YouTube video to learn more.

Of course being a tribe of foodies we couldn’t help but add that one of our absolute favourite ways of winding down and creating our nourishing haven at home is with a cup of something warm and a macaroon, slice or bite! 

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