Berry Mousse Cake

Berry Mousse Cake

Berry Mousse cake

Our Berry Mousse Cake is a gorgeous summer cake, with a soft mousse filling. We’ve been foraging in the early morning sunshine for Blackberries this morning but you can use any type of berry you have at hand, to make this cake.


1 cup Macadamia nuts (see note)
1 cup Desiccated Coconut
2-3 Tbsp soft Coconut Oil

Process in a food processor until it comes together. Press into a lined square baking tin.

2 Large Avocados (Peeled and pit removed)
4 Large Medjool Dates pitted and roughly chopped
½ Lemon (Juice Only)
4 Tbsp Cacao Powder
2 Tbsp Maple Syrup
6 Tbsp Coconut Oil (melted)

3 Tbsp Coconut Milk (or milk alternative)
1 cup of blackberries (or raspberries)


Place avocados, medjool dates and lemon juice in a food processor. Blitz until mostly smooth. Add in remaining ingredients, except the berries. Process or blend until smooth. Tip over the base and carefully spread over. Sprinkle over the berries and gently press them into the mousse layer (so they are set into the mousse, not on top).

85gm Cacao Butter
25gm Coconut Oil
50 gm Cacao Powder
1/4-1/3 cup (50gm) maple syrup or 3 Tbsp honey

Place cacao butter and coconut oil in bowl over hot water. Melt. Remove from heat, add in the cacao powder and maple syrup or honey and using a whisk combine until smooth… Use more/less sweetener according to taste. Pour the raw chocolate over the mousse and place in the fridge or freezer.

I place mine in the freezer for 2 hours to set, or you could refrigerate for 4-5hrs until set.

Keep in fridge. for up to 4 days. Or freeze for up to one month.

Serve with fresh berries, Coconut Bites and coconut yogurt or ice-cream. Enjoy….

NOTE: I use chilled macadamias as it keeps them fresh and they blend into a base well. You could also replace with cashew nuts too.

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Smashed pea and avocado

Smashed pea and avocado

Smashed pea and avocado, green goodness on a plate

This recipe is a favourite of mine and great to use for dinner parties, or alongside your favourite vegan or meat main. It goes well with falafel, lamb and salmon, but we love it with a Roasted Cauliflower Steak. Or you can have it by itself. Enjoy.


1 & 1/2 cup peas

Large handful of baby spinach leaves

½ Large ripe avocado

Few leaves of fresh basil

4-5 leaves of fresh mint

1 & 1/2 tbsp. of olive oil

Salt and Cracked Pepper


Steam peas until hot and just cooked.

Place your peas and the remaining ingredients into the food processor. Blitz until you reach your desired consistency.


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Bread Rolls (keto)

Bread Rolls (keto)

keto bread rolls

Bread rolls (keto)

If you’re firing up the BBQ this weekend you need our bread rolls (keto). This roll recipe is gluten and grain free and is quick and easy to throw together. Even better you don’t need flour! Since that’s become such a commodity we’ve been looking for ways to bake bread without it. We’re thinking delicous, fragrant, herb stuffed Portabello mushrooms with Hunter & Gather aioli, popped into one of our rolls! Why not try it with our yummy Fennel and Green Bean Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing. What would you pop in your roll?


(Makes 3-4 depending on size)

1 & 1/2 cups ground almond

2 tsp baking powder

2 tbsp psyllium husk

1/2 cup , plus 3 tbsp ground linseed (flaxseed)

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

200ml boiling water & 1/3 cup tap water

2 tsp poppy seeds (optional)


First mix together in a small bowl 3 tbsp of the ground linseed with 8 tbsp water. Leave to thicken for 10 minutes

Preheat the oven to 170C.

In a large bowl mix together the remaining linseed with the ground almond, baking powder, poppy seeds and psyllium husk. Add to this the vinegar and the flaxseed/water mixture.

Mix together well. Finally add in the boiling water and mix well until you have a dough consistency.

Shape into buns and place on a hot baking tray or a stone.  (You can use lightly damp hands to shape if easier to stop the dough from sticking to your hands).

Bake for 55-60 minutes. Remove from the oven and allow to cool before cutting and filling with your favourite toppings! 


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Cauliflower Hummus

Cauliflower Hummus

Cauliflower Hummus

We love a dip and this Cauliflower Hummus is an absolute winner in our house. The spiced roasted Cauliflower is lifted to new heights when it’s paired with tahini. A great nutritious snack to have in the fridge for when hunger strikes and a great alternative to traditional Hummus, especially if you’re following a Keto diet. Happy Hummus Day!

Keto friendly, gf, df, sugar free, vegan.


1 small Cauliflower

8 Tbsp Avocado Oil

3 Tbsp Tahini

6-9 Tbsp water (or more avocado oil)

¼ tsp ground coriander

½ tsp ground cumin

Juice of ½ lemon

Cracked Pepper

Himalayan Pink Salt


Preheat the oven to 170 degrees Celsius.

Chop the cauliflower into quarters. Place in a roasting dish and drizzle with one Tbsp of the avocado oil.

Bake for 30-40 minutes until tender (to know if it’s tender, a knife should be able to go through with ease).

Remove and allow to cool slightly. Place in a food processor or blender. Add in the remaining 7 Tbsp avocado oil, along with the spices, tahini, lemon juice and 6 Tbsp of water. Blend until smooth. Add in extra water or oil as needed until you reach a hummus consistency. Season with cracked pepper and salt.

Serve with your favourite roast vegetables, salad or vegetable sticks. Check out our other recipe for traditional Hummus here.

Enjoy x

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Chocolate puffed cereal bars

Chocolate puffed cereal bars

Chocolate puffed cereal bars

Our Chocolate puffed cereal bars are great way of getting kids into the kitchen. With no baking, but plenty of stirring they are quick and simple to put together. With the ingredients being things you probably already have in your kitchen this is the perfect recipe for keeping kids occupied for a little longer. We love to have these sat out in the sunshine when homeschool’s out for the day! We’ve created a series of Nourish Kids in the Kitchen videos on our IGTV channel, why not join us and find many more nourishing treats that the kids can prepare themselves. Try our berry smoothie for the hot weekend ahead!


1 cup puffed cereal (I use puffed quinoa)

1/3 cup buckwheat  (Or oats or chopped nuts)

1 cup coconut

1/3 cup sunflower seeds

1/3 cup currants

3 Tbsp cacao powder

Pinch cinnamon

1/4 cup maple syrup

2/3 cup melted coconut oil


Mix well in a large bowl all the dry ingredients. 

Add in the wet ingredients and stir until well mixed together. The mixture will stick together when pressed.

Press into a lined tin (I use a loaf tin). Make sure you press it in firmly.

Place in fridge/freezer until hard. 

Remove from tin and cut into squares. Then store in fridge or freezer in an airtight container. Enjoy x

Use puffed rice or some form of puffed cereal if you don’t have puffed quinoa. You can also replace the maple syrup with honey and the coconut oil with melted butter instead. 

Looking for more Nourishing Treats for you and your family to enjoy together? Have you seen our eBook Nourishing Treats? It’s packed full of 10 delicious treats that are nutritionally valuable as well as being completely yummy. Read more here.

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Instant Ice Cream

Instant Ice Cream

Instant Ice Cream

Instant Ice Cream (with Avocado!)

Our instant Ice Cream is a bowl of creamy, yumminess in a bowl. Perfect for the hot, sunny weekend ahead! Serve with our quick banana cookies and fresh berries for a delicious easy dessert. A great way to get a good dose of healthy fats and nutrients in… (and my little people didn’t even know it was avocado!).


200g frozen avocado pieces (you can buy this in the supermarket)

4 pitted medjool dates

3 tbsp almond butter (or favourite nut butter)

2 tbsp maple syrup

½ cup almond milk (or milk alternative)

1 Tbsp cacao powder.


Place medjool dates in blender first and quickly blitz until roughly chopped.

Add in remaining ingredients and blend until desired consistency. Mine did still have flecks of date in it…. (you could replace the dates with extra maple syrup instead).

If not using straight away store in Freezer. (Remove a few minutes before serving to thaw slightly)

Enjoy x

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