Calm for Christmas 

How are you feeling about this year, calm for Christmas, or crazy for Christmas? After such a bizarre year we think most of us need, want and deserve this Christmas to be calm no matter what. In previous years when the weeks before Christmas have been packed full of lunches out, work dinners, friends for drinks and endless trailing around the shops, we suspect that yours, like ours, has been a little quieter. But is that a bad thing? Probably not, for many of us our adrenals have taken a hit this year. Where we might once have been able to find little moments of calm, perhaps we’ve felt overwhelmed, frightened and nervous of endless unexpected change from time to time. 

So, how can you remain calm during a pandemic at Christmas? We don’t have all the answers, but we definitely have a few tools we’ve learnt along the way to help us keep our cool, calm, heads above the water!

Who’s who

Working out well in advance who’ll be around your table this year is a big part of keeping calm this year. There’s definitely a little planning to go into who you’ll see and when. Your 3 bubbles might just be 3 of you, or it might be as many as 12 (or more!), but one thing is for sure, it will all be a bit different.

For many of us a big family Christmas is off the agenda, but with a little planning there are ways to be able to meet up to exchange gifts and smiles, face to face. Although we won’t be with Granny and Grandad indoors this year for instance, we’ve created a lovely Winter Wonderland spot in the garden for a little distanced fun around the fire pit. Our other bubble members we’ll be planning a long walk and a winter picnic to a spectacular Surrey viewpoint!

For those we can’t see we’re indulging in on and offline quizzes and singalongs! We love Cat Sim’s @notsosmugnow and she has done a brilliant Zoom Christmas quiz to do with the grownups, check it out. Or how about an Elf on the Shelf quiz for the kids?

We also love these Christmas themed face masks from Etsy, adding a little festive sparkle to essentials! 

Calm for Christmas

Turn on, tune in, drop out.

Letting go of perfection is a big part of the calm at Christmas puzzle and losing yourself in a podcast is a great way to tune out for a little while. We do love a podcast here at Nourish HQ, they are perfect for while we’re making and creating to keep our minds occupied. We love Beth Kempton’s Calm Christmas Podcast, it’s full of even more ideas of how to maintain your equilibrium during the festive season. 

We’re also suckers for a little Christmas music and this year we’re already loving Jamie Cullum’s Turn on the Lights. A great tune to get you in the mood for some tree decorations or wrapping. We’ll also be tuning into the classic Carols at Kings on Christmas Eve while we finish up with our preparations. 

No Christmas is complete without the favourite movies and books that mark this time of the year. With the kids we’ve been reading, How Winston Delivered Christmas. A simple, joyful story that also has a craft or activity for every day on the run up to Christmas. We’ve loved making the paper chains from it this week, a lovely slow, calming activity to do with the kids. 

Festive feasting.

Everyone’s got a favourite food that they love to have at Christmas, but recognise that you don’t need to be responsible for making sure that they have it! This year we’ve handed over the reins for sweet treats to the teenager, he has to find out what everyone would like and then get them made or ordered! He’s currently halfway through creating our cookie boxes (find all the recipes on our IGTV) for the family that we can’t see this year. Think about handing out responsibilities to everyone, almost any age can peel a sprout! 

Without a massive crowd to feed on Christmas Day this year we’re thinking of doing things a little differently. Maybe Turkey floats your boat but if not why not consider having a soothing, calming meal that can be made in advance so that you can enjoy your day. Our Roast Vegetable Crumble is a great meal to pop in the oven before you head out on a long walk to enjoy when you get home. It will warm you up from the inside out! Why not indulge in our festive raw bar selection and get pudding covered too!?

Calm for Christmas

Hygge is happiness.

We wrote about Hygge before and it remains our favourite way of embracing this time of the year. Whether it’s lighting a candle, hanging fairy lights or getting the wood burner going, we want soft lighting and soothing surroundings. We’ll be creating a cosy haven at home for us and any guests to enjoy. Blankets, books, TV remotes and a warm mug will all be within reaching distance so that we can get cosy at home. 

Apres Christmas.

That crimbo limbo time of the year between the 27th and the 4th of January will feel a little different this year. Depending on which tier you’re in you may find that there isn’t quite as much available to do as normal. We’ll be avoiding the big sales on the High Street and spending any pennies in the sales on small businesses. Using the time to get out, stretch our legs in the countryside, play games, chill out and just be, oh, and do a lot of Zooming! 

Together we’ve got this, calm and steady we go, next year brings with it promises of new horizons and better days ahead.

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