Smashed pea and avocado

Smashed pea and avocado

Smashed pea and avocado, green goodness on a plate

This recipe is a favourite of mine and great to use for dinner parties, or alongside your favourite vegan or meat main. It goes well with falafel, lamb and salmon, but we love it with a Roasted Cauliflower Steak. Or you can have it by itself. Enjoy.


1 & 1/2 cup peas

Large handful of baby spinach leaves

½ Large ripe avocado

Few leaves of fresh basil

4-5 leaves of fresh mint

1 & 1/2 tbsp. of olive oil

Salt and Cracked Pepper


Steam peas until hot and just cooked.

Place your peas and the remaining ingredients into the food processor. Blitz until you reach your desired consistency.


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7 ways to Nourish the skin you’re in

7 ways to Nourish the skin you’re in

7 ways to Nourish the skin you're in

During lockdown we’ve noticed that our skin has suffered a little so, this week we’re looking at 7 ways to Nourish the skin you’re in.

Over the past few months, we’ve all felt more stressed than usual, many of us have not made as much time for self-care as we might normally have done. Our sleep patterns have been disrupted along with our work routines. The results of all this is quite literally, written all over our faces. For the next month we’re focusing on #nourishedskin and taking a closer a look at nourishing ourselves from within and how that will help us to achieve that glow we love on the outside. We want to greet the summer with a glow and a spring in our step, join us!

What does be healthy on the inside mean?

A healthy diet means different things to different people and we would not advocate following a particular diet or getting too tied up in any food fads. A balanced diet, full of whole foods (organic where possible), cooked from scratch as often as you can, with limited processed foods is a good place to start. For your microbiome (the good/bad bacterial balance in your gut) to work efficiently you need to be eating as wide a variety of foods as possible. Think eating the rainbow! Fruit and vegetables contain powerful antioxidants that help to protect skin from the cellular damage caused by free radicals, pollution, and sunlight. Our Red Velvet Macaroons for instance are a powerhouse of beetroot-based antioxidants!

Healthy fats are your building blocks to great skin.

Good fats are an essential part of keeping your skin looking and feeling great. The skin is comprised of many different types of cells and structures which is partly held together and protected by a layer of lipids (fats). This lipid layer diminishes as we age but is also negatively affected by over-cleansing and over-exfoliating the skin or cleansing with harsh soaps/detergents, as well as by diets lacking in healthy fats, such as omega 3. A compromised lipid layer not only gives a drier, more aged appearance to the skin, but it also leads to trans-epidermal water loss, dehydration. Good vegetarian sources of omega-3 can be found in walnuts, linseeds, pumpkin, chia, and hemp. Grab some of our Oat Cookies for a healthy treat for your skin here.

7 ways to nourish the skin you're in

Make time for cleansing, this is your time.

It might only be a few minutes in the morning and evening, but we’ve come to love the rhythm and routine of caring for our skin. We love to use soothing natural essential oils instead of the harsher chemical-based cleansers and moisturisers. There are so many wonderful natural ways to care for our skin. Rosehip oil for instance is a great allrounder for soothing, nourishing, exfoliating, and helping to boost collagen production. Using natural products also helps lessen our exposure to parabens and SLAS. Try Odylique or Botanicals for simple, beautiful products.

You snooze you win, win, win!

Getting your 8hrs is important for so many essential processes within your body to work efficiently (read our Sleep Blog for even more information). In basic terms the less you sleep, the less recovery from your day. If you’ve had a stressful day of juggling home-school, work zoom calls and keeping the wheels turning at home, you need at least 8hrs for your body to efficiently process all of the stress hormones you’ve created during the day. Stress hormones are great at creating that haggard, had enough look that we all want to avoid.

Go big on biotin for great skin.

Never heard of biotin. No neither had we before we started investigating. Biotin helps the helps fat metabolism in the skin. It is found in good amounts in some of our favourite ingredients, almonds, Swiss Chard, tomato, avocado and sweet potatoes. Try our Passionfruit or Vanilla Macaroons to add a little almond to your diet. With plenty of gorgeously crumbly Organic Spanish ground almonds in them these are a great way of making sure you’re getting some biotin in!

Eat your vitamin C!

Vitamin C is a super antioxidant. It is needed to support the immune system, promote radiant skin, and help blemishes heal properly. The best sources are blackcurrants, passionfruit, blueberries, broccoli, guava, kiwi fruits, oranges, papaya, strawberries and sweet potatoes. Vitamin C is needed to produce collagen that strengthens the capillaries that supply the skin. Try our Passionfruit Macaroons or slices to put a pep in your skins step!

Stress less, breathe more.

Stress plays a huge part in the health of your skin. Stress depletes all those lovely fat cells that we need to keep our skin plump and glowing and drains our bodies of essential vitamins and minerals. Your mind and your skin are closely related and work together. Many common skin conditions such as eczema and acne are shown to be exacerbated by stress. Stress cannot be solved with a one size fits all solution but learning what is creating your stress and finding ways to limit it will allow your glow to shine through. Find out more about how we deal with stress in our blog here.

If you’re new to Nourish and you’d like to try out some of the products above, sign up for our newsletter here and we’ll send you a 10% discount code to say, ‘welcome to Nourish’.

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Nourishing Recipes that will help you grow, cook, enjoy with us.

Nourishing Recipes that will help you grow, cook, enjoy with us.

Nourishing recipes that will help you grow, cook, enjoy with us.

We love to share our favourite nourishing recipes that will help you grow, cook, enjoy with us. Ineke writes all of the recipes for our website and our eBook, Nourishing Treats, and you can rest assured that they’ve all been tried and tested on very willing subjects at home! Having been brought up in a home where cooking from scratch was the norm, Ineke loves to play with ingredients and finds inspiration from cooking seasonal whole foods. With her passion for cooking it’s unsurprising that when she’s not making things for Nourish, she’s writing recipes to share.

The Kitchen is the heart of the home

Some say that their kitchens are their hub of their home and you would definitely say this about Ineke’s. There is usually one of her children or her husband, Ryan, helping out. Her worktops are scattered with all the kit you’d expect to find in a keen cooks kitchen. A place to work, a place to be inspired and a place to sometimes find peace in the simple. Like peeling veg while listening to a podcast (we’d recommend Table Manners as a good one!). 

Our whole team are keen cooks and we’ve made full use of the Nourish recipe page on our website. Everyone has a favourite. We thought we’d share just a few of ours that will maybe inspire you too in the kitchen. We do all share one favourite though and that is our Beetroot cake from Nourishing Treats, its an epic red velvet treat!

Don’t forget you can search for our recipes via our website and find additional ones on IGTV. Our IGTV recipes are very simple and being hosted by Ineke’s daughter Inge, they are suitable for kids to make too.

Nourish - Carrot Salad


Ineke’s got a few favourite staple recipes that she relies on weekly, almond mylk, carrot salad and nut butter are all on repeat. Making your own almond mylk is really rewarding and ensures that what you get is clean and natural, with no binders or thickeners. There are so many good nut butters out there but playing around and trying it with different nuts and adding other flavours is great when you have kids that adore it as a snack.

She’d most like to be woken up with a stack of her keto pancakes, take note kids! Simple to make and they look very impressive. Stacked up with fresh fruit and coconut yogurt is her favourite way of serving them.


Inge is the hands behind our IGTV videos and already a keen cook in her own right. Often found helping with recipe development she has a keen sense of taste and knows what she likes! Bananas are an obvious favourite as she’s picked not one, but two banana recipes! 

With the weather set to hot this week her first choice of banana ice cream is a great one. With just 3 ingredients this is a must have for eating in the paddling pool! For brekkie she’d love to wolf down a stack of pancakes too, but goes for the banana ones as a personal favourite.

Nourish - Banana Picnic Loaf Recipe


Toiling away as a maths teacher by day and a Nourish worker bee at night Mr Nourish likes to relax with a Inge’s Ice Cream sandwiches. These gorgeous creations aren’t just great to look at, they’re delicious too. A definite Instagrammable moment if you can keep these on a plate for long enough! We suspect that he may be fending off two very hungry children while he tries to enjoy these.


With two small children who are always on the go Ellerie loves to have a simple, nutritious snack on hand and reaches for our Oat Cookies. The perfect snack to pop in a rucksack and head off for an adventure in the woods with she says. Great for keeping little ones going one their energy is flagging. Available to buy on the website these are a favourite with young and old. Packed full of nutritious ingredients such as chia seeds, cacao nibs, raw honey and of course oats. 

Nourish - Easy Chocolate Spread


With a couple of chocolate spread fiends at home Kate loves to make the easy chocolate spread and keep it in reserve to slather on pancakes or dip fruit into for a snack. Her family are also constantly asking for a repeat of the keto cauliflower gnocchi, which has become a firm favourite! Changing up the pesto flavouring depending on the season, so far they’ve enjoyed the gnocchi with wild garlic, spinach and kale.


We’ve had some lovely comments from you all about our recipes in the past. This one from Kathy really made us all smile, it’s good to have you on our journey Kathy!

‘I have been following the Nourish-Grow-Cook-Enjoy website for many years now and have had great fun trying out many of the lovely recipes. They are very easy to follow and always turn into delicious treats. Not sure I can pick a favourite but the Banana Pancakes are my absolute go-to-recipe for lazy Saturday mornings and I love making the Vegetable Satay for an easy mid-week dinner. Thank you so much to Ineke and the team at Nourish-Grow Cook-Enjoy for being such wonderful inspiration!!!’


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The Nourish Guide to Slow Living

The Nourish Guide to Slow Living

The Nourish Guide to Slow Living

The Nourish Guide to Slow Living 

This week during our #nourishedlife month we’re sharing the Nourish Guide to Slow Living. So, what is slow living? 

“The central tenet of the slow philosophy is taking the time to do things properly, and thereby enjoy them more.”

Carl Honoré

If lockdown has taught us anything it seems that the main lesson we have learnt is that we need to collectively slow down. For many of us life is lived constantly running at a million miles an hour. Our weekends pass without any decrease in pace, holidays are wedged into small pockets of time and moments that could be spent slowly are instead filled with scanning social media endlessly.

We created the Nourish Guide to Slow Living because, as a team, we are as guilty as the next person of filling every available moment with tasks. We’ve been consciously making ourselves slow down since lockdown began to try and help deal with the feeling of overwhelm that we’ve experienced. Slow living doesn’t mean being lazy, slow living means giving time to things that matter. It means adopting smart working practices, taking time to be outside and really appreciate it. Creating meals from scratch that are nutritionally valuable and being mindful about the time we spend on social media. The odd team Zoom #macaroonmoment has definitely helped too!

Fully immersing yourself into the slow living movement may not be for you, but a few little tweaks to your current way of life could help you slow down enough to see the benefits. In fact there are so many different ways to embrace slow living. In fact it’s unlikely that anyone would be doing them all. 

The Nourish Guide to Slow Living

Here’s a few ways we’ve found to slow down.

Be less busy.

How many times has someone asked you how you are and you’ve replied with your standard reply, ‘busy, you know what it’s like’? It’s become our default setting to fall into the busyness abyss. You know the one, it’s when there are tasks throughout your day off and still you’re beating yourself up at the end of the day that perhaps you never got that walk with the family, or didn’t do that online yoga class you’ve been promising yourself. 

What would actually happen if for one day you took your foot off the gas and slowed down? What if you prioritised that walk with your family and did it first thing, or maybe closed the door and quietly did an hours yoga practice in peace? The answer is probably surprising. Nothing would happen, there might be one more load of washing that didn’t get done, an email that didn’t get sent, a floor that didn’t get cleaned. But, are those things going to matter when you take into account what you got to do instead? 

Kate’s story – This Sunday we got lost in the woods, really, properly lost. A walk that was meant to take 2 hours, took 4! Spending a few moments late in the day I realised that I hadn’t lost anything, nothing important hadn’t been done. Instead I have a mind full of fabulous moments and wonderful belly laughs at how it’s possible to get so lost, so close to home. It’s a day in the middle of lockdown that will stay with us as one of our happiest days. A Slow day, a mindful day and a marvellous reminder that sometimes when you can’t stop, the world will make you stop and slow down. 

Be creative. 

When we’re dashing around from pillar to post it’s easy to forget the creative side of our brains. There are so many wonderful creative practices that we can adopt to enhance our ability to slow down. Being creative could be anything from cooking to building. For us at Nourish this creative slow down has come in many different forms. Many of us have things we aspire to learn or reembrace from a creative standpoint

For Ineke it was writing and photographing her own recipes, which became our eBook Nourishing Treats. Just the process of making a meal, creating a beautiful tableau, and seeing the end result was a way of reconnecting with her creativity. 

What would you do with some creative time? Learn to cross stitch, master a new language, build a piece of furniture, paint a wall, make a meal? The list is infinite and there will be something for everyone. Why not try the Slow Home Podcast for some more ideas?

Say no.

Saying,’ no’, is hard, not many of us are good at it. As humans we’re programmed to say, ‘yes’ and be helpful and empathetic. Somehow saying no has lots of negative connotations, it suggests that we don’t care or don’t want to help. However, sometimes saying no is the best thing you can do. When your day is already filled with a million and one tasks then adding one more can feel like you might as well, however when you fill a glass and keep on pouring, at some point it will overflow. 

Saying no from time to time could allow you to find a pocket of time to slow down. Downshifting a little may provide the opportunity for you to listen to that podcast, play that album all the way through, plant the flowers or just sit on your balcony/in your garden and just breathe for a few precious moments. 

The slow information diet.

Newsfeed over the past few months has been relentless and for many it’s invoked feelings of anxiety and concern. Limiting time that we spend looking at this kind of information can help to slow down our anxiety response. We’ve found that limiting subscription to just one news feed rather than multiple feeds has helped. Checking this just once per day, rather than throughout the day.

Social media is a fantastic tool that many of us enjoy to connect with one another for business and pleasure. We still love a scroll through beautiful pictures and motivational words so we’re limiting our viewing to positive feeds that inspire us. We love learning more about sustainable slow living and have found social media to be a great place to find this information. Here are just a few of our favourite accounts. They cover everything from great products to how to make your home more sustainable.


Zero Living (Who have kindly given us a 15% discount this month. Just use the code CHOOSEBETTER to receive 15% off)

Moral Fibres

Slow Living Ldn

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5 Simple Sustainable Swaps from Nourish.

5 Simple Sustainable Swaps from Nourish.

5 Simple Sustainable Swaps from Nourish.

With 5 simple sustainable swaps from the Nourish team we hope we can inspire you to try out some more eco-friendly ideas and products.

Sustainability – avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. “the pursuit of global environmental sustainability”.

5 Simple Sustainable Swaps from Nourish.

The saying ‘leave no trace’, rewritten in different ways throughout the world’s beauty spots has become a watch phrase for those seeking to lead a more sustainable life. Waste and its disposal is under the microscope worldwide. Finding simple solutions that people can action easily in their day to day lives is of vital importance to many of us. Simple swaps range from, reusable coffee cups and water bottles, to buying conscious cosmetics from brands who can provide refills.

Here is our 5 simple sustainable swaps from Nourish.

Invest and buy less

Buying less is a big part of living more sustainably. Endless fast fashion purchases and frequent replacement of cheaply produced furniture are some of the easiest things we found to address. Like our parents and grandparents before them we’ve returned to the concept of saving up for something. Rather than just buying something cheap because we want it now and won’t wait. Fast fashion and furniture are often manufactured in ways that put local workforces under undue pressure to accept low wages and poor working conditions. We have been looking at a few fashion and homewares brands with swoon worthy products that we’re happy to save up for.

Fashion – Outland Denim, Vildnis, People Tree, Ninety Percent

Home – Gold finger Factory, Naked Flooring, Nkuku

Home Composting

Did you know that we dispose of over *7 million tons of food waste in  UK households per year? That little green bin that languishes outside your backdoor, are you using it regularly and do you know what happens to it when it gets emptied? In some counties it is made in nutrient rich compost, which you can then buy for a small fee (some counties give this for FREE too) and in others it’s converted into energy as Biogas. Pretty clever huh? If you have space, then buying your own composter, or making one yourself is a great idea and makes for super powered plants in your garden. We’ve embraced home compostable packaging at Nourish and our Coconut Bites and shortly our Macaroons are all packaged in material suitable for home composting. We give away nasturtiums seeds and a nasturtium salad recipe card with each purchase of our Coconut Bites so that you can reuse your packets before your compost them!There are many other brands selling everything from coffee to cereal in compostable packaging.

5 Simple Sustainable Swaps from Nourish.

Food waste

The less you waste the less you spend. Those leftovers are a valuable commodity! Food waste in the UK totals a whopping £13 million a year*.  That meant the average UK household wasted £470 worth of food, which went in the bin when it could have been eaten. So, let’s talk leftovers. Obviously, a big part of the picture here is buying only what you need. That’s not always so simple though with busy households so what to do if you’re left with lots of food waste? We love to scoop up any leftovers for a variety of recipes from soup to cakes. Any leftover veggies can become topping for salad or a pile of sauce like our Harvest Tomato Sauce or Carrot Salad. Or maybe a cake like our Apple Cake or Banana Picnic Loaf. If you do eat meat or fish and it’s getting close to it date you can always have a cook up and create a meal that can be frozen and used later.

Buy conscious products

What do we mean by conscious products? We mean producers that have thought about not just the environmental impact of their product and its packaging but who also use natural, sustainable ingredients. These types of product can be anything from toothbrushes and toothpaste to kitchen cupboards. We love brands like Sustainable Kitchens because they have committed to using local materials and suppliers and build a product that is built to last generations. For toothpaste and brushes we head to Georganics, a UK based company who are shaking up our views on toothpaste using charcoal, brushes using beech from sustainable sources and all packed into recyclable packaging.

Go digital

Lovely as it is to receive a ticket in the post for a favourite gig it’s no longer necessary.  Consumption of disposable paper products is on the decrease but there is more that can be done. Grabbing a Metro or purchasing a ticket at the station, both could just end up in landfill depending on how you dispose of them. Try to go paper free with billing too. Most banks now have ways for you to save statements online and all councils, energy companies etc will be happy to offer paper free billing. At home we’ve now got a sign above our printer reminding the whole family to print mindfully, if it’s not important enough then don’t just print it for the sake of it. We’ve managed to keep one ream of paper going for months so far since the sign went up, we used to be on a pack a month! 

So little by little there are easy ways to embrace a more sustainable life. Over the course of this month we’ll be looking at more and more ideas and meeting some brands and individuals with inspiring ideas for a more #nourishedlife. We hope you enjoyed our 5 simple sustainable swaps from Nourish, drop us a comment below if you did!




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