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Hi! My name is Jackie and I am a Nutritionist and Food Intolerance Therapist and joined Nourish in July 2016. I feel passionate that what you eat has a huge impact on your health.  I am a mum of two gorgeous girls aged 6 and 9, so I understand the demands of busy lives and juggling work, children and healthy eating.  I also love a glass of red wine or two as it’s about getting the balance right when it comes to being healthy and happy.

2017 was a difficult year for me, actually, to be honest, the last 6 years have been very tough. Losing my dad, relationship issues and stress have all featured far too much and life has been very serious and emotional. 

I don’t usually make New Years Resolutions! Each New Year I hope that the coming year will be better than the last, as I guess we all do, but that’s about it. 

2018 is going to be a little different!  It is the start of a new chapter in my life as my personal circumstances have now changed.   I want to make it a year of fun, laughter, happiness, new beginnings,  quality time with my girls and more ME time!  I still won’t be making any resolutions as such but will focus on a change of mindset and a having a positive attitude for the future.

But, how am I going to achieve this I hear you cry?  

“I want to make it a year of fun, laughter, happiness, new beginnings, quality time with my girls, and more me time”

Well, that is a good question!  Life is just so busy all the time but I am going to dedicate more time to make it happen.  I want to focus on what I do want rather than what I don’t.

I will start by using tools, which I have used in the past, which really helped.  One of these is journaling.  Every night before going to bed I used to write at least 5 positive things that happened, that I achieved or I am grateful for in my life.  It could be that I am so grateful to have the heating on a cold winter evening or so proud that the Nutrition client I saw a month ago now feels much better since their appointment.  It ends the day on a positive note and when you do have a difficult day and are struggling to find anything to write you can read through previous comments to help you realize how lucky you really are.

I also want to start using my Dream book again.  This is a beautiful book with a lovely cover where I wrote down and sourced pictures about my dreams and aspirations.  It might include a photo of a holiday destination I would love to visit, or the part of the world I would like to have a health and wellbeing retreat one day or even the breed of dog I would love to own to bring more fun and laughter into my family.  It’s a lovely way of being creative and setting and imagining both long and short-term goals.

As much as I love being a mum, what I have struggled with more than anything is the lack of time just for me.  Leaving the past behind I’m going to make sure I do have time to reflect, think, relax and just be ME!  Every other weekend my girls now go and stay with their dad for a few nights.  I am going to make sure that during this time I don’t just catch up with chores but take time to do some things I enjoy such as a spinning class or yoga session and catching up with friends. 

Finally, I want re re-light my creativity in the kitchen! As a Nutritionist healthy eating is important to me as you can imagine, however, in the last year particularly, although we still eat well, I just haven’t had the energy or inspiration to really embrace this side of my personality.  I want to make time to browse through all my lovely health and recipe books and pick out new recipes and re-ignite that passion.

I feel excited about the year ahead!  It’s going to be FABULOUS!  

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