A nation of lockdown bakers - Nourish

A Nation of Lockdown Bakers

Have we become a nation of lockdown bakers? It seems the answer is a resounding, yes! It’s World Baking Day this week, a great excuse for some baking. When we aren’t creating in the Nourish kitchen this is one of our favourite activities. The smell of chocolate cake or banana bread is enough to keep us baking week after week!

It seems as though everyone has become bakers over the last few months, right? From sourdough to banana bread we’ve all wanted to give it a go! The most empty shelves in supermarkets are currently found down the baking aisle. So, why is it that baking has such an appeal? What is it that makes us enjoy the actual act of baking and not just the produce?  

Baking as therapy?

Baking is can be seen as a therapeutic tool and has been used as an antidote for some mental health issues. Studies from The British Journal of Occupational Therapy have found that baking “improved concentration, increased coordination and built confidence, leading to an increased feeling of self-esteem“. It also, “provides purpose and meaning, as well as a real and tangible way of filling time“. Perhaps this all makes a bit more sense for a population of people on lockdown faced with uncertain immediate futures!

A nation of lockdown bakers - Nourish

Kids In The Nourish Kitchen

Ask any young child, ‘would you like to bake a cake with me?’ and I think you would be hard pressed to find one that didn’t jump up to help. The Nourish children are all super keen bakers. Baking is a great way to get children into the kitchen. Learning to understand ingredients and the world of food from an early age is an important skill. It’s where the Nourish story began after all. As a child, Ineke, our Founder, was brought up in a home where cooking from scratch was the norm. Throughout the years she has loved being in her kitchen creating, delicious and nutritious food for her family and friends. Nourish was born while Ineke was searching for snacks for her own family. She wanted to create something that would feel like a treat but would nourish from the inside out.  ‘For as long as I remember as a mum, I have cooked alongside my daughter Inge who is now 9. More recently she has been creating food herself as shown in our latest IGTV video series, ‘Kids in the Nourish Kitchen’.

Cook along with us on IGTV

We’ve loved seeing lots of you cooking along with us on these IGTV videos and making some of our simple faves such as humous, smoothies, oat slices and ice cream. There are lots of recipes you can whip up very quickly and that children can get involved in. Our recipes use nourishing ingredients and all have been taste tested and approved by the Nourish kids! We definitely have proof that getting children making their own food whether chopping or designing the recipe, mixing, or even just pressing the Vitamix ‘on’ button means they are far more likely to try, and even love the end product! Remember, there is so much children can learn from cooking and baking as it can cover a wide range of subjects including maths, science, art and English. So get it added it to your home-school schedule for a bit of fun! We would love to see any of our IGTV recipes that you recreate with your little ones (or big ones) so please keep sharing these and using the hashtag #nourishkidsinthekitchen

Banana Bread and Orange Friands

For more recipes from the Nourish Kitchen including lists of our favourite brands to use when cooking, check out our NEW recipe book Nourishing Treats full of dairy, gluten and refined sugar free crowd pleasers, with easy to follow along recipes.

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